Car connection

Are you familiar with this saying March showers bring April flowers? No? Well, because I made it lol! Actually it's April showers bring May flowers. But two days in a row we had rain and the snow are melted and right now I have seen blossoms on my peach trees and some tiny leaves from my plants. That's how I came up with my saying hehe.  Last night we went to the Oakland sports club to do what? To eat fish and chips it's Friday guys hehe. I love cod fish they had last night and I pig out. My DH called everyone in his family to come to the club and many came. One who came is my DH nephew and he was driving a Toyota Prius. I so love the color of his car and while we were there eating he talked about how he saves a lot of money because it is fuel efficient car.
But you know what, when you are in a family as huge as my DH everybody has everything to say. My DH cousin got his new car too a pearl white Cadillac SRX. He told hubby that he and his wife wen to a car dealer, he didn't intend to buy one but his wife love the car as soon as she lay down her eyes to the car. He asked me to go inside and look at it gush, I could just imagine myself driving with that one it would be so cool!! The size is so right for me the inside is beautiful and it smells new hahaha.
Every time I knew somebody had a new car I was thinking of my car too. Hubby told me  several time that it is time to get a new one. I had to think a lot of time about his suggestion lol, because it should be the car to my liking right? Then last night when we got home I saw two cars in the highway passing us and it just makes me eyes popped right away. It was so beautiful I took note what car was it and it was Audi A6 and Volkswagen Routan gush, they are just too beautiful and I so love it. Do you remember those times when you see your crush, you sigh a lot that is what happened to me last night. Hubby was laughing at me and he told me to fix my mind. I think I have my choice now and will tell it soon here. ^_^


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