As you all know my laptop crashed on me for many times and this last week it never start and when I brought it to the repair man he says if would  be better to buy a new one than to spend a lot of money knowing it would not be fixed. Same as my hubby his computer crashed on him and he is more anxious to get one because he is trading online. One that ticked me off so much is this trojan horse virus because it came out from my scanning that we are inflicted by the virus. And as we all knew it is hard to take this out from the system. So hubby and I decided to get a new laptop and a his new desktop. Then a friend of ours told hubby to download Cyberdefender for our computer protection. He added to tell us that he doesn't have any problems what so ever after the downloaded Cyberdefender, the name speaks for itself it does really defend or system. So I did downloaded it in my laptop and also to DH desktop. After what happened to us two weeks ago we don't want to experienced it anymore because for now we have somebody to defend on and that is Cyberdefender.


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