Start a business

  I was in the mall today roamed around looking at the sale in every store. I bought t-shirts for my nephew and dresses for me two cutie pie nieces. My oldest niece is already 20 years old and it is kind of hard to find stuff for young adults as she would love to call her that way lol! I asked her the other day what she would like me to buy for her without any thought she asked me to buy a new cellphone. The last time I bought her a cellphone is years ago. I knew she loves to have a new cellphone but somehow her tuition fee as a nursing student is eating up the budget for her ^_^. I told her I would buy her  and new cellphone if I am a bit financially fine. She just agreed to my explanation which makes me more liking to give her one because she never push me to buy the stuff she would love to have. One time we were chatting I told her to better start a nevada corporation so she could buy anything she loves to have in life. I knew my niece has a dream of her own, I only told her that I pray for her that she will succeed in life.


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