It's fun

Last weekend was the super bowl. Hubby and I are not a night life kind of people so an event like that we don't hang out in the bar or anywhere just to watched the super bowl or any games. Instead we stayed home and just cooked our favorite dish and just be cozy. So last Sunday, I made a good hot chicken wings and some cheese dipping. We like to bet on sports any sports you could think of, it is our way of making fun because their is only two of house in the house so we might enjoy the moment.
Before the game started I told him to write in a piece of paper his team and I write mine on another piece of paper, it is a secret. Both of us didn't knew who bet who so we just cheered the two teams. It was so funny because at the end we both have the same team and we both win hahaha. I told hubby that there  is such a  thing on how to bet on sports, people give shares some tips and tricks on how to bet and you should know it by heart because it does help a lot. We ended up laughing and teasing each other and thankfully we both get our money. So last week nobody lose, cheers to that!!


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