Got a new laptop

This week I was not able to join some fun here in blogosphere because my laptop just crash on me. Hubby and I brought my laptop to the computer repair shop but the owner said that if we  gonna spend more than $300 just for repair (change the mother board and all) we'd better buy a new one. And we did! Yesterday, hubby and I went to Bestbuy to find a not so expensive laptop by HP and I found one that just suit my need.  I don't play games except in facebook, I don't download movies or even burn or rip music, I only blog ,surf and chat in the internet. I do feel bad that my first laptop has  only 4 years to live and hubby spend more than $1,000 on it. Now we are kind of wise buyer LOL, we don't put anything on it unless it is necessary. So my laptop is just under $500 how cool is that lol! 
Thank God, the computer repair man did extract all my document files and picture files from my old laptop and put it in an external hard drive. And with his service and the external hard drive he only  bill us for just  $45, my hubby just like him lol!!! Definitely,  he is not a sucking money guy,  for that you like to tell friends to go to him if you need a help about computers. So now I am back to blogging and joining fun meme's, but had to cook first lol!


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