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Have you been to Utah? My friend lives in Utah and she showed me the other day the pictures surrounding her area and geez it is fantastic. I could be a city girl but not for the rest of my life I'd rather live in  a place where I am surrounded with nature and Utah is a place that I like to visit or live someday. As my friend showed her pictures last year as they travel around Utah she told me about her husband Lasik surgery awhile ago at Salt Lake City LASIK surgeon  which she told me that it was a good thing they go there. At first she doesn't like the idea of lasik surgery but as the doctor started to explain to them about what are the procedures and there would be no pain and it would only take a while to do the surgery she felt relieved. Her husband was into it from the very beginning since he knew that the doctors are very well qualified to do there job. And now after 4 months from the lasik surgery my friends husband eyes get back to normal and they are both happy.


sahrier nafis said…
lasik surgery is very common in that moment.Its very important to know about what happened after lasik surgery and it's infection.For clear concept about Infection prevention new york lasik surgery is very fast and helpful for all.I say with the writer If you face any problem after lasik surgery please contact your physician or surgeon immediately
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IPL treatment said…
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Ashley Benjamin said…
Great post. Lasik is a great thing!

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