Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To search...

Hubby and I are always in the computer. Me with my blogging, surfing and such while he is with his emails and business. Sometimes if I saw his name popped out because he opened his messenger we chatted for the fact that he is just about 10 feet away from me lol! Then I also used internet for my communication with my family back in the Philippines. We used different messengers and I texted a lot through the internet. That is why hubby and I use

Rapidshare Search Engine  a lot specially when he is doing some searching for his business. My niece also asked me one time what is a good search engine and I told her to use Rapidshare Search Engine because you can depend it on. Why go for another one when I knew that this search engine is really good for us who are always online all the time every day.

                                   On the first day of xmas your true love gave you a schadenfreude

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