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It's the middle of January and I am feeling I am having a cabin fever already. Sometimes in the morning even if it is below freezing outside I just like to open the door and peek outside just to get some fresh air. Good thing that in this generation we already have tv with 900++ channels, Wii that I could play my games, and most specially an internet connection to chat my friends and family too.
But yesterday, I observed that hubby was feeling antsy and I asked him why, he told me he feels cabin fever got him already. He is the kind of person who likes to go out work in his pole barn but this freezing temperature stopped him from doing that. So I suggested to him what if we gonna go down south like
Myrtle Beach Resort oh his eyes just lit up lol! He was very anxious to get out from this bitterly cold weather and he asked me if I could find a good resort.
So I looked online and find out Myrtle Beach Accommodations

it was a great place for us because hubby loves to golf and the place is just right next to the sea. He told me he prefers that our room is facing East so we could see the sunrise and they got that too. Now I am so excited to visit and stay in  Myrtle Beach Resorts   for awhile away from the bitterly cold weather of Michigan.


Quilt Works said…
Congats on your beach trip! I sure can exchange my snow for that lovely white sand :-) Give us a trip report when you come back!

I stopped by with a tag, hope you will stop by too, Quiltworks

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