Print it out..

Yesterday, bunch of my friends went at Angel's house for a surprise belated birthday party of Cathy. She was so surprised because it was already two weeks after her birthday and she thought that it is only a usual get-together. Aside from the the good food that Angel, Lulu, Rhonna, Mariz it was already a time for us to select our president for our group Perlas ng Michigan ^_^.
We have many plans of our group and one thing is to give in a monetary form if something an emergency happened to our immediate family that is why we have monthly dues. Then I also suggested that we also have a yearly calendar with our picture together with our family of course. And I find shepard fairy prints can do a good job with that.
My nephew is good in Arts and my niece send me his  best Art that he made in the school. I love it so much I like to print it but I like it printed as what shepard fairy art is doing in there art too. Which is astoundingly beautiful.


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