Gorgeous mail box...

When I arrived here in USA 5 years ago I noticed so many things (that  was fall), not just the naked trees and the deep mound of snow but also the house mailboxes I was amazed!. Back in PI not all has house mail boxes maybe because we don't have that big space in the front yard but even the wall mount mailbox we don't have one.
So when I get here I feast my eyes looking at those gorgeous house mailboxes and wall mounted mailboxes
in every house that I passed. Then I  noticed too that in winter time too many house mailboxes fell down or just broke half and so I guessed because those house mailboxes are not that 100% heavy duty specially when we experienced different kinds of weather here.
Hubby changed our house mailbox just recently I was happy by it. We order it online because we tried to choose the best and not just a junk  house mailboxes that will broke when winter come. He also mounted the address numbers because I like it to be visible in winter when it is foggy or hazy so we order that online too. I didn't know then that house mailboxes, house numbers or wall mounted mailboxes are very important but now I do,
instead of buying cheap why not buy a good one and enjoy it while it last. ^_^


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