A car key under the Christmas tree ^_^

My friend and I were chit-chatting the other day and our conversation came to what car we would love to own next week, next year or never lol!!

Well my friend surprises me. She told  me that she is going to get a new car next year and guess what are her choices ( I almost fainted hehe) volvo xc90, chevy avalance, and mercedes benz glk yup you heard it guys that three awesome cars are her choices.  Thankfully we were seated when she told me that because my eyes just get big and my jaw drop. I asked her, how is she going to come up with the answer because this three cars are just gorgeous!! She told me she look around and her husband give her some idea too. But she is really all set her mind is fixed to get a new car (why not she is working hard every single day) and having a new car is like having a baby to her LOL!
I was really fascinated by her because even the car encyclopedia she did read it just to get a handful of ideas. But she says why not this is her second huge purchase second to their house. So I told her just don't forget me to bring me around town riding her new car. She is so excited as well as I am.


Yes, your friend is indeed very blessed if indeed she will receive one of those luxury cars as gift from her husband. That would probably become the best Christmas gift she'll ever receive after their house. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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