The right to vote!

Last week hubby accompanied me  to the Secretary of State to register.  I was so shock by how fast they process the registration it only take less than 5 minutes!!! Yes less than 5 minutes I told hubby wow that was fast this is really  America!! LOL!! Then the other day I received  my voters registration id I was so excited for I know today there will be an election.
After our family breakfast from Harvey's restaurant today hubby and I  went immediately to the precinct to vote I was excited it is my first time but when after signing a form and the people assigned to gave me another form looked for my name she couldn't find it. So she ashed there chairperson about my case and the chairperson called somebody and she told me that I registered late. They were sorry about it and I was like feeling dismay I was so excited then. But they told me that next year I will be in the list and that is for sure and next year will be a big one a governor election. I am looking forward to that day.


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