Me once a victim too....

Good Monday to yah all!!

Last week, after the typhoon flooded almost the whole part of Metro Manila  and other parts sorrounding Manila a "scandal" erupted resorting many pinoy's to get angry to a one woman who is working in Dubai.

But that was not all my story is all I was reading many writings and comments in the internet and as I also read Mel's comments that he was a victim of identity theft I so suddenly realized and remember that I TOO was once a victim of identity theft!!!

Here was my story, my fiance (my husband) now was already talking about him petitioning me and him coming to visit me. And because I don't have a passport at that time I decided to get a passport. That time I had to go to another city to get a passport because it was there that in my region has the DFA. So I gather the papers that are needed for a passport and off I go to CDO. I was there very early in the morning that I knew for sure that after lunchtime (were they used to release the passport) I had already my passport. So after lunch time, the in-charge already started to call names, one by one those people that I knew by face already had a grin and smile on their face because they had the passport now. Then my name was called, I went to this window and with the shock of my life the in-charge told me SOMEBODY ALREADY GOT A PASSPORT IN MY NAME!! Of course I was so shocked I want to holler at the in-charge but she was just doing her job and in her other hand she was holding the papers of the other "ME" !!! She asked me if I already got a passport and I said NO!! So she asked me to wait for awhile somebody is going to call me again. Now this time, I was already inside the DFA office a man asked me to sit down and he started to interview me, the same thing that the woman at the window asked me.
Though I understand their job but because I am so pissed off and scared and shocked I become so aggresive with my answers. I guess he understand me because I think it was not their first time to have a case like mine.  So he showed me the picture of this "woman" who stole my identity. Parang umitim ang buong kapaligiran ko I like to ripped the papers that I was holding but thanks God He was with me all the time wisdom still on me. So I asked the man in charge if I can have a xerox copy of the papers and he agreed to it. And I also asked him to talked to my friend who worked in N__ because I knew for sure he can vouch me that I am the real "ME". They talked for awhile and I could feel that he became nice to me I guess he was convinced that I am the real "ME" and not the person who is in Kuwait at that time using my name.
So he told me to get more proof that I am M_ _ _ K_ _ C. O_ _ _ _ _, and some of those proof that I got was my college  graduation book (with my picture on it), old identification (thank God I keep my high school and college id's), then I asked old neighbors to write a letter identifying me that I am the real "ME" I then notarized it. I was not contented of that  I went to our Bishop and City Mayor and got their letter identifying me that I am MKCO. And oh by the way, a friend of mine who wrote in our Sunday news paper got my story and published that news that week. So I got  a copy of that and of course I asked my relatives to asked a lot of people in our city, show the picture to them and in the end I knew who she was.
That time when I already found out her identity what matters me was to get my passport. Suing her was lurking at the back of my mine but what I wanted is my precious PASSPORT!! So I went back to CDO and handed the officer all my proof he was amazed of what I've got it was overwhelming proof to keep for them duh!! At the end he released my passport, he said something about what they are going to do with the fraud person posing as "ME", in my mind I don't care it anymore it is there job to caught who stole my identity.
Though that experienced is behind me now but as I looked back remembering all that  time, effort and the nervousness that I felt in that ordeal makes my head ache. I never expected that I become a victim too. It was very hard, I can't eat I can't do nothing just thinking of how I am going to get out from that ordeal. Thankfully I did with God's help and friends.


chubskulit said…
Wow, what an experience you have Tkim.. Is it possible that you and her just have the same names? Kakaloka naman how she got your infos noh, bakit kaya may mga ganyang tao... manggagamit ng identity ng iba.. Good thing you were able to clear out the matter ate!

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Manang Kim said…
Hi Mommy rose, talagang nakaw ang nangyari sa akin. She took my identity and she pose as ME. I found out that she took my birth certificate then doon siya nag simula mag panggap to think na nakalusot siya.
Anonymous said…
buti na lang naibalik sayo kasi kung hindi, naku gagamitin nila yun at sila ang aalis ng bansa valuews, reviews, business
nakakaloka naman pala manang ang nangyayari sa yo..ako man if mangyari sa akin yan (knock on wood) naku matotorete ako ehehhee..kaloka..
Anonymous said…
ay di pala na save yung dati kong coment hehe musta?
Manang Kim said…
Hi Jodi, naku ginamit na nga yung name ko, at that time na kumuha ako nang passport ko "she" was already in Kuwait working with my NAME.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mer, yup iba ang feeling talaga pagmangyari yang identity theft sa atin. Alam mo naman sa Pinas ang hirap pa mag follow up nang mga papers ang tagal mag process. Dito naman sa US mas grabe din kasi with money involve na kasi sila dito so talagang careful nalang tayo.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Hon doing fine here ikaw kumusta na din. Tagal ata akong di nakapagbisita sa iyo ah. Thanks for dropping by ha.
Lisa said…
Meron din palang ganyang case dito sa atn 'no? Ang lakas naman ng loob ng gumawa niyan? Nabuking na kaya siya na hindi diya yong ginamit niyang pangalan? Kakaloka...

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