Ashley's 2nd birthday party

Time to update my bloggy here.

Last Saturday was the 2nd birthday of my inaanak Ashley, her mom Rowena held the party at Jeepers inside the Great Lake Mall. Many of our friends came with their children in tow. OF course the party was fun with lots of chikka, food, picture taking, rides for the kids and after the party we went malling. Here are some of the pictures!


puzzle said…
Happy Birthday Ashley! Is that Minnie Mouse in the cake? Oh I love Mickey/Minnie Mouse :)
Manang Kim said…
Hi puzzlem, yes that is minnie mouse on the cake she loves minnie and dora but dora was not around hehe. Thanks for the greetings and the visit I do appreciate it.
Happy Birthday to your inaanak Ashley. May she have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. Ang gaganda naman ng mga photos mo. You look like you enjoyed your bonding with many kababayans. Ashley looks so pretty and beautiful. She will grow up to be a lovely lady. Thanks for the post and the wonderful photos. God bless you always.
happy birthday ke ashley.she's so cute.
by the way manang. pag may email ka na pala pa leave ng msg s cbx ^_^ thanks
iamhoney said…
hi ulet... I keep on dropping by kaso di pala nase save ang coments ko minsan hehehe... im doing good hopefully maka visit sa misamis occidental by nov ^__^
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mel, thanks for the compliment. Yup Ashley is quite taller than any 2 year old little girl. Well her mama and dad really do hope that she will grow a very good daughter. Thanks for dropping by God bless!
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mer,I did send you my response na. God bless!
Manang Kim said…
Hi hon, naku sayang ang mga post kung hinde ma save hehe. You have to visit Mis. OCc and don't miss to visit the MOAP malapit lang yan sa place nang Mama mo. Ingatz and God bless!
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