Hi to all friends! Happy belated Labor day to all here in America. I don't know if people are happy about what is happening to us here in US, for a fact that 19 or 14 million people don't have a job! But still we have to be positive in everyday that God created for us and cling to what we knew best. But guys and gals that is not my story for the day, I am here to ask ANYBODY who can help me how to post an entry when you are assigned to post an advertisement of a product.  Please let me know!!


Anonymous said…
matindi pala ang nangyayari ngayon dyan sa US ano po manang? pero nakakaraos pa rin ng maayos kahit papano Values Reviews, Business
Manang Kim said…
Hi Jodi, oo grabe ngayon dito ang dami ngang na foreclose at na repo na baha dahil nga sa walang masyadong makitang job.

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