Cancer and death....

This entry is kind of sad I hate to post an entry that is full of negativity because in one way or another it affect me and the readers but though life is wonderful and beautiful along the way there is always trials, heartaches, pains and sufferings. In other words in every rose there is always a thorns but hopefully you or I is not the thorns on somebodies life but the roses hehehehe.
Yesterday, our across the road neighbor which happened to be my step-sons wife Uncle died. We really don't know what he die for but we knew that after he/they came from Peru for some mission ( I don't know if it is medical) they got all sick!! Their were 20 people of them who went to that country but all of them got sick except 2 people. They said they think maybe it is about swine flu but they get rid of that and then they treated him of pneumonia then I guess it complicates then later he died. It was kind of sad because him and his wife are close to us too.
Then at the reunion last Monday we heard that one of my LH cousin is sick with cancer and she is in hospice care now. I remember she had that illness long time already but this last winter her only daughter just died so  suddenly and I think and I am for sure that she was so devastated by it. Now the news among the relatives says that maybe hanggang 10 days nalang siya. That is why one of her son who is a registered nurse took a definite leave to attend to her mother. It is very sad.
Then yesterday my other step daughter called her dad and tell the news that Louie is in the hospital. And he is diagnosed with bladder cancer!! Geezz why is this happening?? People here in America are diagnose mostly of cancer is there any other illnesses that is not this kind? Louie is not a relative of ours but a friend of my youngest daughter (who died of cancer too) and a friend of the whole family. Well Louie is an ex-convict, my step-daughter prayed for him and continually visited him when he was inside the jail. When he got out from prison my SD provided him his spiritual and financial help to start a new life. Then my SD died and that left Louie alone (he has family but didn't help him) but he was able to kick back to a new life. He makes money by cutting trees and splitting trees into woods then sell it. He is making money of his own and he is doing good of his craft. Then this news came it is devastating I know it is hard on him too, yes we gonna pray for him but what else can we do?
As I have said earlier why their are so many people sick with cancer? Is this about food that we eat or our lifestyle or what? I have some theories of my own but of course this is just for me I don't want to complicate things here without any kind of proof to back it up. As I have said before and I will say it now that praying to somebodies good health is not a prayer in vain, continue to pray to anybody whom you know because we all need it.  


Mom of Four said…
Sad nga Manang Kim. My father died of colon cancer, that's why whenever there is pain in my body, I go to the doctor, to make sure, I am going to live long enough to see my kids grow. I have aunts that died of cancer as well. It's a scary world and we have to be careful and take care of ourselves. We can't ignore whatever we feel, but cancer is always no pain, and when it's terminal, then it gets diagnosed, too late then huh.

Take care..
Hi Kim,
Condolence for all the deaths in your relatives and friends. The US has been afflicted with cancers and other exotic diseases because of its lifestyle and its apostasy from the Lord. Yes, the only thing we can do is pray, for that opens the door for God's amazing grace to be bestowed upon us. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
ruby said…
aw thats so sad!!

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