Remembering my Papa....

Today, September 22 is my Papa's 20th year death anniversary.

I remember my father as a very cheerful man. I never see him frown nor heard him being grouchy. He always has his flashing smile na makikita mo ang kanyang gold tooth hehe. He is the one who teached me how to cook yup, not my mama. He is a good cook and so am I hehe.

One time, we went to Cebu and as far as I could remember it is just me and my papa. I really don't know what we do in Cebu but what I remember too well is that we went to this building they called it White Gold which at that time is so famous with there revolving chair or table. I was so amazed with the view but I was so happy and excited to go home when papa bought me a set of toys. Those set of toys consist of lechon2x, pots and pans, forks and spoons, plates and glass. I was so proud of it I thought I am the only one who got that kind of toys in our neighborhood hehe.

I remember him came to my PTA meeting I was surprised when I saw him at the back of the room with some of the parents. I remember him as always "spoting" or well groomed in other words hinde yan lalabas nang bahay na hinde talaga nag-ayos. With a pomade on his hair, collared shirt, ironed pants and a black shoes. I don't remember him wore a tennis shoes ever! But he wore flipflops though when at the house but when he go out he wore shiny black shoes.

I remember him bringing always a present for us. He is the kind of man na hinde mahiyang magdala nang "buyot" or basket specially that basket is full of pasalubong for his family. At yan ang isa sa namana ko, na kahit kandahirap na sa pagdadala, dadalhin ko for the sake of my family kahit wala nang sa akin okey lang basta for my family dadalhin ko.

I remember him as a very honest and hardworking man. And to top it all a very faithful husband to my mama. One time he told us about "what you sow is what you reap" from the bible, he says that he couldn't do things bad that sooner or later  his kids will pay for it.

I also remember him about what he told us about inheritance. He told us that we don't have hectares of land to inherit nor money. But he told us to study hard for knowledge couldn't be corrupted nor be steal by anybody. He teached us honesty, be respectful, have faith in God and love in your heart and that is what I inherit from him too.

I remember when everytime he came home from work we have a blast. We watched movie, I remember those kung fu movies. We go eat to our favorite halo-halo restaurant, we attended mass together.

I also remember that he is the one who teached me how to dance and sing. Those tango and waltz is his favorite and as I write this entry it brings a smile on my face. As for the singing we always sing the standard songs like Frank Sinatra, Nat king cole, Tom Jones, etc.

I remember so well when at night (no electricity yet at those times) after dinner we all gathered at the porch and listen to a drama on the radio specially when the moon is full hehe. Even now I still remember the title of the drama it's "Ang misteryo sa Villa Lagrimas". Yes it is a horror kind of drama with all the sound effects like a chain dragging and all. So we ended up gathering  around to either to our mama or papa cuddled up.

I also remember his being a disciplinarian. He gave us warnings to our wrongdoings but when we do it again be ready with your butt because for sure he will belted you with his belt!!!

I remember when me and my brother are teenagers everytime he came home he checked our body of any tattoo. He asked about our performance in school and always reminded us not to have gf/bf or else we better stopped going to school and better find work. Geez I just ended up having crushes at school bohohoo no boyfriend.

I remember after his stroke he was bound in the house 24/7. He never lose his smiles nor his being a joker. That time I was already working in Iligan and I see to it that every weekend (Sunday) I can go home. For the fact, that he is in the pier waiting for me. That time wala pang uso ang cellphone ni wala pa ngang cellphone noon kaya walang text2x. So there are times that I couldn't be able to come home. Ayun nag sesentimental na, and my mama will tell me what happened the next Sunday I get home.
And when I get to come home the next Sunday, pagmakita na niya akong nakababa na sa ferry boat iiyak na yan. He was not sentimental before but after his stroke nagiging senti na siya. Which is when I remember it now makes me feel sad, nakakatuwa and at the same time nakaka-missed din. Kasi yong iyak niya may halong tawa and smile pa rin.

When he died I found out that he is well loved by our relatives, friends, neighbors and family. They only have a good word for my papa even until this time when I meet some of his old friends and relatives. His integrity will be inculcated in my heart and my life forever. For Papa who is now in the bosom of our GOD rest in peace and I missed you so much! sniff....sniff...


hi manang magaling din pala magluto si ko din ang mas magaling magluto kesa mom ko hheehehe..happy death anniv sa iyong father ... I'm sure he is happy with our good Lord.
Yes, your papa was one of a kind. He brought you up in the right discipline and values. Your so many memorable moments spent together caused you to miss him more now that he is gone. It's been a long time since your papa passed away and now is the 20th anniversary of his death. I know you remember him well for all the goodness he has done in your life. Happy 20th anniversary. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Rossel said…
tatay ko din magaling magluto kesa sa nanay ko. sabi nga nila mas magaling magluto ang mga lalaki. kaso nasira yung kasabihan sa hubby ko. alam lang nya e mag-init ng tubig at magprito ng!
Beth said…
Papa ko rin magaling na cook... at miss na miss pa rin namin syang magkakapatid :(
chubskulit said…
Napapaiyak naman ako dito sa post mo ate, naalala ko din kasi si Papa..

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that's why you're a happy person because you feel love within your family! God bless!
Clarissa said…
Naalala ko rin ang late Fathers ko,wala akong masyadong memories ng true father ko pero maraming memories naman sa step father ko.I miss them though.

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