Flood in Manila...

I was watching Fox News this weekend when they flash a news about the flood in Manila. I was so shocked about how the water rise so quickly and the rain didn't stop for more than a day??? So I immediately search in Youtube if there are some videos taken by locals and I was not wrong there are so many in there that by watching it makes me sad. Yesterday hubby told me that the death rises to more than a 100 already, I was shocked again and thinking about the people living under the bridge, along the rivers, it won't be any doubt that the death toll will rise dramatically. I pray and hope that there will be no more deaths or missing people. Will pray.


Clarissa said…
Oo nga,kahapon ko lang nalaman about it sa kaka-blog hop ko hoping that our friends sa ere is doing ok.Kagabi ko rin lang napanood sa TV ang balita sa nangyari sa atin.Grabe noh?My prayers are with our kababayans.
Manang Kim said…
Hi mommy clare, oo nga ako din talagang pray todo kasi mga kababayan lahat natin yan. Kawawa talaga sila lalo na yung mga namatayan sumakit talaga puso ko. Hayyy!

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