Where were you?

Today is September 11, and eight years ago something unfathomable happened here in America the twin towers in NY were being hit by two different planes, the pentagon and etc. Today is the day of remembering and mourning for thousands of innocent lives was cut off by terrorist.
But where was I when this things happened? It was early morning here in America at that time just a few minutes after 9o'clock. I was in the Philippines at that time ( 9 PM) I was inside the internet cafe emailing my fiance (my hubby now) when all of a sudden over at the counter of the internet cafe I heard shouting and screaming so I and some of the people at the cubicles stand up and gathered around the counter and watched the TV!! There I saw two planes hit the twin towers I couldn't believed what I saw! I had a goosebumps all over me I thought at that time this could be the beginning of the 3rd world war. It was terrifying to watched and what transpire after that.
I asked hubby about where he was at that time too. Him and his sister was in the parking lot outside Gordon Food supply when his cellphone rings and somebody in the family told him that the twin towers were hit by two planes. Then they turn on the radio and there it was the news was all over.
Then a friend of mine told me that her mother who was having  a vacation at that time here in US was about to leave the house of her sister but couldn't find their cousin who is going to drive  her going to New York (because she was in New Jersey) and most specially going to visit one of the twin towers!!! Her mother really wanted to be in New York in one of the twin towers early so she could be the first in line as a tourist to see the top most part of the building. But because the cousin was no where to be found that morning they started driving going to NY almost 9am. And while they are inside the car they just heard the news over the radio that the twin towers was hit by two planes. My friends mom ( as was told) was so shocked she keeps on crying and crying they had to return to NJ because she couldn't stopped her crying and besides chaos where everywhere in NY at that time.
To all the souls departed  MAY they ALL rest in PEACE and to all the families who lost a loved ones, relatives and friends  GOD be with you!


Mom of Four said…
Wow, I could understand why your friend kept on crying. Their lives were spared. Can't believe, it's been 8 years. I was having a Management training that day and was pregnant with Roan..Rodney was then in New York staying with his Mom, but they were 6-9 hours away from NY city.

Nice post Manang Kim. Take care..
Yes, that was one of the most despicable terrorist acts of all time. It is senseless that so many lives were lost for some nebulous and crazy principles of some misguided zealots. May the Lord spare us all from the evil that these kind of men can do to their fellowmen. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Anonymous said…
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Weng Forsgren said…
hello kim,
kumusta kana. Yes this date I never forget. that time I was in philippine. It was so terrible.
until now we always remember lalo pat I gave birth to Erik at the same month and date, buti nalang not the same year.
happy sunday
hello manang...RIP para sa lahat ng namatay nun sept 11...
nun nangyari yan eh batabata pa me...fresh na fresh pa sa first job....
musta na manang?
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mommy Liz, oo their life was spared by just an hour or so. Life is so short that we have to thank everyday for it. Thanks for dropping by!
Manang Kim said…
@Mel and they are still doing this act all over the world. Don' know when this will end but for us citizen it is also our duty to be vigilant.

@Jodi, oo maraming mga innocent lives where pluck because of this terrorist kaya can't stay glued on tv basta Sept 11 na my heart goes with all the families who lose a loved ones iyak din ako nang iyak.
Manang Kim said…
@Weng ganun ba, belated Happy Bday to Erick!

@Meryl, doing fine here my dear medyo busy ang life journey sa labas nang blogosphere trying to enjoy the sun sooner or later mag fall na tayo hay balik uli sa malamig na buhay.

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