This weekend was kind of hectic is my schedule hehehe not of anything else but partying with friends here. Last Saturday, was the Mrs. Philippine Michigan 2009 pageant that was held in Troy, Michigan. The place where they held the pageant is the American Polish Cultural Center which is kind of big and was a nice place for that event. The ticket was $40 with dinner and because of the generous heart of Joanna and her husband who are in Mexico now having their vacation I was able to go that means libre ang ticket ko!
Anyway, Cathy, Rowena and I went and their we meet some of our friends whom I have not meet for ages (as in months lang naman). So kodakan nang todo ang mga beauty ever! The pageant is held every 2 years and this year my kababayan won the Mrs Philippines-Michigan 2009. Their were 7 contestants who vie for the crown and all of them are really good. That night was fun they are all good and beautiful and for me they are all winners. Mabuhay! Here are some of the pictures.
And yesterday, Sunday we went at Josephine's house for her 44th birthday (wopieee)!! Well we went there after church but before reaching there we dropped by at Best Buy to buy me a new digital camera my old one broke the night of the pageant. Josephine is a filipina from Pangasinan but works in Hongkong for 20 long years. Yesterday was our first time to meet her and her husband. There were only 4 couples there including the birthday celebrant and her husband but it was fun the men had their own table and talk about anything which amazingly hubby last that long. To Josephine Happy 44th birthday!


Anonymous said…
twas so nice to see pictures of happy friends in foreign land.. proven jud na ang Pinoy dili lonely people ^_^
Yes, you are all beautiful and photogenic. All are worthy candidates and would be candidates for any beauty pageant. Happy Birthday to Josephine. You sure had a grand time with other Filipino couples. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
wow manang busy-ing busy pala ang beauty mo dyan ha! nice photos. all of you look great.
musta na manang ang weather dyan...malamig lamig na dito sa atin...I can smell the Fall breeze kahit summer pa rin naman hehehe.
Manang Kim said…
Hello honey, you got it right we pinoys are not lonely people and we can blend so easily with other cultures so well. That is why many foriegners like filipinos than other asian people hehehe!!
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mel, thank you!! ^-^
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mer, oo grabe ka bz that weekend mga partyhan to the max ever. Weekends lang naman kasi mga tao magkita-kita dito sa weekdays nasa school or work or bz sa mga kanikanilang tahanan. The weather here is same as yours I guess malamig na grabe naman ano summer pa nga eh malamig na tayo. For now I don't like snow yet but who knows. Happ weekdays to you!
Mom of Four said…
Talagang sinabi mo ang edad Manang Kim, ahahhaha! Dami mo ngang happenings ah. Buti di ka nag gain ng weight..

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