Amish friendship bread...

Yesterday, I recieve an Amish friendship bread from my BIL. Actually it is not my first time to recieve these but my first one went to waste I didn't make it. I think what happened is that I skip one day and if you don't follow the instuctions it won't be good anymore so I kind of broke the friendship chain. Now, I say to myself I am going to make it and today is my 4th day and I have done the mushing already. I still have  6 more days to follow and do the instructions and after that I am going to give to  friends some of the batter and also bake the remaning batter. 


hello manang kim. pahingi naman nyan kapag na bake na heheehe ^_^.
may friend din ako dito na nagbigay sa akin ng starter kit ^_^ goodluck sa iyo...i'm sure masarap yan...ito ang amish friendship bread na gawa ko dati
Joops said…
I love amish bread, my mom used to buy it when i was a kid..

Visited your "my pride and joy" blog but can't leave a comment, it says "comments are restricted for team members only" hehehe

If you have time, please take a peek on my new blog. Thank you!
jodi said…
hi manang kim, dumaan lang po ako dito sa yo kasi hihingi sana ako ng bread na yan but it seems ubos na po sya..
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mer, I falter to follow the steps last Sunday sa kaka-party ko hehe. Hubby told me that it is still okey but i don't think so because last Sunday I should mixed another milk and flour but I didn't not!!
Manang Kim said…
Hi Joops, I think I would just buy their bread because I can't finish mine I always missed the day. Thanks for dropping by!
Manang Kim said…
Hi Jodi, hinde ko nagawa bad me I missed last sundays instructions wahhhh!! Sayang it is my second time na somebody gave to me a batter of friendship bread I couldn't make it. Hayy!

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