It's my 43rd birthday today!!

April 6, Monday:Yeheyy today is my 43rd birthday and it's my US citizenship interview in Detroit. Thankfully I passed the interview yohooo! This morning hubby sing to me a Happy Birthday song inside the Greektown casino-hotel.

April 5, Sunday:

Sunday was Palm sunday, after hubby and I attended the mass we immediately headed home since I am going to attend a baby shower for my step-granddaughter at a church function hall. It was raining already but the outcome of the party was really good. People are still coming inspite of the heavy downpour of rain and more relatives where there too. Around 5:00 pm I went home my step-sons called us that they are going to have an early Easter dinner since next Sunday they are going to New Jersey. So off we go and it was in that dinner that hubby was told and my SIL also called that we'd better go down to Detroit that night since a snow storm is coming and they don't want us to be stucked in I-75 or meet an accident on the way to the INS in Detroit. We checked-in at Greektown casino-hotel jeez I was so shocked there room rate is $249 + 15% tax a night!!! I told hubby that we are going to find another hotel but he insisted to stay so we stayed for a night. The room was nice but the bed is what I like most it has a california size the whole night I had a hard time finding my husband and it is very comfortable I slept like a baby hehehehe.

April 4, Saturday:

I was invited to a party last Saturday, it turns out to be a surprised birthday party for me and Angel. I am so grateful specially to Jonna and her husband who host the party and all the pinay friends who celebrated with us. All the effort is truely appreciated and the memories will be engrained forever!! Cheers for that.

So that is how busy I was the whole weekend specially today. But I am so thankful I am done with my US citizenship interview. When we arrived home the snow is so deep I was so sleepy but still managed to get a picture hahaha. Hubby was so busted because he suppose to have a surprise birthday party for me with my family at a restaurant but since the weather is so nasty and some had to travel for an hour to come he had to call them one by one that the party is postpone lol. I was in the bedroom about ready to take a nap I could hear phone ringing all the time. Well I do appreciate the thought hon so much but for now the weather is not cooperating anyway everyday is a birthday we could do it some other day when the weather gets better. Snow in spring time how is that for a change!!


dhemz said…
hello TKim!
Wow I am very surprise...Happy Birthday TKim! I wish you all the best in life....good health specially.

Woi very nice man imo friend kay nag host man jud ug bday bash for you...that was sweet!

Congratulations on becoming a US citizen...ako am not yet ready to give up my citizenship...hehhehe...duha duha paman ko te woi....hehhee...mag dual baka te?

Woi asa man ang inyo date ani ni banana bday man diay grabi sa no...snow pa dha goodness..dire mura na ug summer te...makapaso paso na ang kainit...hehe...lisod man sad na itanom ug bulak dha te no....magtayo nalang ka ug green room...hehhee!

woi te salamat tuod sa imong comment..nalingaw ko ug basa...grabi man sad ka maka order diay sad te no....hehhehe...tagdaghan man kaayo..dko ka afford ana man...hehehe...pila sad na sya dire te?

Sige te..kay murag ma bored na ka ug basa...hehehe....:)

Happy Birthday year d na nako malimtan imo bday...hehhehe!
Manang Kim said…
Hi dhemz, thank you very much asa ka na surprise sa akong birthday or sa akong edad hehe joke!!
Thank you again sa pag-greet nako about my US citizenship, dili biya pa pod unta ko kaya lang mura man ug nagkamahal ang fee kada tuig, so nag apply nalang ko. Mag dual citizenship ko pero basin ug next year na pahulay sa pod ko ug file2x aning mga papeles.
Mag date lagi unta mi karon with the family unsaon nga perte man ka baga among snow dire sus spring naman unta. Basin ug next2x day na or sa iya na pod mi birthday niya mag date nalang kay april pod iyang bday man aron mausa gamay ang mga gasto hehe.
Tinood gyud dhemz lisod e-tanom dayon ug bulak dire kay pareho aning ning kalit lang ug snow. Karong May pa gyud mi ani makatanom akong rose dire perte na ka labong sa dahon ready na gyud kaayo patanom.
Daghan2x gyud among orderon sa DXN kay mao gyud among gamit labi na kay paki-coffee pod ni si hubby. And coffee per box is $13.60 and reishi RG/GL 90 caps $33.30. Mao ra pod na among food supplement la na lain.
Thanks for dropping by Dhemz do appreciate it much.
Happy Birthday Kim. May you have many more blessed birthdays to come. May the Lord shower you with all the blessings stored in His great storehouse of blessings. May the Lord grant you all the secret desires in your heart. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Joops said…
Happy birthday Ms. Kim! Wow, what a great gift - citizenship.
ryliej said…
Maligayang kaarawan Ate Kim, wow buti ka pa citizen na yohooooooooooo! Oiiist ate mahirap ba ang interview? Am planning to apply this year but am still scared hahaha..
misty said…
Naaliw talaga ako magbasa nitong mga bisaya na comments hahaha... Congrats ate and ahappy bday!
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mel, thank you for the greetings I do appreciate it so much. God bless!
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mommy Rose, oo nga it's a great gift talaga pang forever na. Thanks for the greetings I do appreciate it. God bless!
Manang Kim said…
Mommy rose, apply ka na this year super easy mas mahirap pa ang driving test. Thanks for the b-day greetings. God bless!
wow manang's your birthday pala....hindi ka mukhang 43 ha..mukha ka lang 33 ^_^ and Congratulations! US citizen kana..
Wish you success in all aspects of your life.^_^
so san tayo manang kim?
musta na ang weather dyan?

ingat ka palage and God bless. Mwah! ^_^
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mer, oo nga double celebration ko gahapon my birthday ug akong us citizenship, ali mer kaon ta ginamos ug manga hehe. Nag-snow mi dire grabe two days na gyud kamo diha musta na.
Clarissa said…
Happy Birthday to you Ate Kim and Congratulations to you,too!!You just received a great birthday gift!!\(^0^)/
Manang Kim said…
Hi claire, thank you very much. Oo nga super gift talaga na tapos ko din.
Ana said…
Hi Manang Kim,
A belated Happy birthday you. Tingan gaano tayo kaganda ang Filipina 43 still looking young pag ibang lahi naku matanda na. Got to know your blog form FilipinosUnite.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Ana, I do appreciate your coming here in my blog and leaving a comment. Oo nga iba talaga beauty natin sa ibang lahi, one thing is that we don't get old that much unlike other race. Maybe because we are happy people hehe.
Weng Forsgren said…
Happy b-day once again ang congratulation sa imong US citzenship. Mag dual ka?.
When I got my dual citizenship last year I was so happy. But it took a year for me to dcide nga mag apply for citizenship kay my heart still in philippines, ayaw kung mawala ang phil.citizenship ko hehe, but then I decided na to have dual hehe... yon happy to have both...

wish you all the lucks in life kim and mor blessings to come.
G.O.D said…
hello te happy birthday more birthdays to come and blessing
G.O.D said…
and conratulations wow birthday gift your american now hehe

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