April showers bring May flowers...

April shower brings May flowers!!! Yohoo rain is here, it rained the whole night and today I guess it will rain the whole day too. I just hope that it would not get too cold because if it happen snow will follow and I don't need snow. I can't wait to see flowers around and green grassess and my vegetable garden.

Yesterday, hubby and I went shopping at the mall. I first went to a dollar store to buy a $1 bag and I found out that they have a .97cents cute baby books so I bought 5 of them. My step-granddaughter specified in her baby shower invitation that instead of giving a baby shower card it is better to give 1 book for the baby, and I found it very cool. Because usually after reading the card some will throw it away or keep it and never to be read again. But a book it will wait until the baby start to read. AFter dollar store I went to Kohls and found a very good discounted clothing for babies. I was drawn to the girls stuff they are just very cute and pretty but I have to looked for boys stuff hehe since my step-granddaughters soon to be baby is a boy. I found out too that when it comes to boys, there is not too many to choose from specially the colors. Boys had only brown, blue, green, colors unlike the girls it has tons of pretty colors around. After shopping at Kohls we proceeded to the big mall we looked around bought some things browse some and ended getting hungry. We went to Joes crab shack and I had an awesome dinner with broiled seafood platter, while hubby had maui mahi. I was so stuffed when we get home and found out in the porch that the reishe DXn RG/GL is waiting for us.


hi Ate.. Are you using the DXN..? I have tried that before na eh.. I actually joined that, pero yatot parin ako! Pero ngayon, naging kaliwete ako, kaya I gained muslces! ehehe.. Anyway, pa post po nito ha..? And I hope you can visit my blog sometime.. thank you po..

Hi Ate Jeana.. Wow, andito na naman pala si fafa mo eh.. hehe..!
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You may visit my profile for more info.. tnx po..

Manang Kim said…
Hi, yes we've using this for 4 years now and so far everything was good. Thanks for the info will get back at you.
Dhemz said…
hehhehe..tinuod jud ka te...lisod kaayo mamili kung baby boy kay ang color is gamay ra ang mapilian..hehhe..ang girls kay bisan unsa man tapos daghan pa jud designs...hehhehe! woi ako sad fans sad ko sa dollar store usahay...hehhehe....didto ko magpalit ug mga books ni Akesha...hehhe!

aha...starring man jud and DXN dire...hehhee...pila na dha te?
Believe it or not i made losing weight so much easier than anyone else think... Years ago i made my self so digg of getting my self more slimmer but faith never come to me at good point so i decided not to go with losing it,i stand the ground and tell who cares! but accidentally i figured it out how, two words i can tell i am not encouraging anyone to try but it works for me this two words are "KEEP TRAVELING"
hi manang kim...that's a great deal ^_^
maganda na mura pa ...san ka pa diba..
ako dati nakabili ng pants for $5 lang ahahaha..sa childrensection ng JC penny... hirap maghanap ng size dito...kaya sa pambata ako ahihihihihi....
eden said…
that's a good buy. i regularly buy books for my kiddies from the bargain shop and they love it.

happy monday
Manang Kim said…
Hi dhemz, lagi oi firs time gyud nako gipa-starring and DXN dire sa akong blog ay na encourage man ko sa imo gud hehe. Unya I really do believe na ang reishi maka help much sa atong health gyud. Korek oi ang mga lalaki nga colors sus mao ra gyud asta ang style dili pareho sa mga babae daghan ug mga ribbons ug uban pa nga mga kikay moment hehe. For me no need gyud biya nga mo palit ug mahal kaayo nga books kay daghan man available nga mga barato gud dire mga nice pa gyud kaayo.
Manang Kim said…
Hi philippine travel, thanks for dropping by here I do appreciate it so much.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Eden, thanks for dropping by here. I go to garage sale every spring and summer just to find good stuff like books, toys and dressess for my nieces and nephew. Can't beat a good buy hehe.
co wendy said…
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