Yesterday, I recieved this package from DXN Reishi coffee through UPS. I was so excited because I ordered it last week and it takes them at least 5 days to arrived, well I guess because the shipment fee is not that expensive though. Anyway, when hubby opened it up I found out that the RG/GL capsules which I ordered was not inside. Hubby asked me if I ordered it I said yes because it is right there in the reciept or invoice. I immediately called their office and thankfully the one who answered me is so nice enough you don't want your blood to boil hehe. She asked me some information that I could find in the invoice and she told me she is going to call me the next day to confirm. The next day, I recieved a call from her and she said that they are going to mail the RG/GL capsules that I ordered. So everything was settled then and I hope today it will come since that is our lifeline to a good healthy body.

Yesterday, again I recieved the cellphone that I ordered online through FEDex ground. My contract at Sprint for one year was up and I decided not to renew. I browsed the internet what is the cheapest cellphone I found out that virgin mobile is the cheapeast one. I browsed there plans and I decided to get the $6.99/a month, prepaid .10 cents a minute, no contract, as in no hassle, I only set in my account a certain amount so they could immediately add it up if my prepaid card is low. It is one of my cost cutting that I made, my nice cellphone that hubby gave to me two Christmas ago I gave to him since his cellphone is so delapidated -wink-. His contract too will end up this month but I told him to retain his number and company but I will transfer the contract from two years to just a year and make changes of the minutes allowed for a month. For now he had this 900 minutes that cost him around $60/ month but as I checked on the bills every month he doesn't reach to 500 minutes used in a month. Cost cutting is very necessary this days and cellphone bills should be lowered stingy me!! I don't want now to pay a cellphone bill for more than a $100 a month jeez usa na na ka sako nga bugas sa Pilipinas. Since I got my cellphone yesterday I haven't heard it ring yet because the only person who knew my new number is my hubby and also it is prepaid it is not for chatting. If I like to chat for hours then I would used the home phone then which is very cheap too.

Last night, I was looking at the mangoes that I bought last Sunday. They looked so pretty and ripe but I know for sure that they are not sweet rather they are sour eh they came from Mexico. But then later on I decided to try and make mango float, as I peeled the mango and taste it I was never mistaken they are sour. How I long for the Philippine mangoes they are just the best in the world!!! In other words, my heart was not into it because of the mango but hubby heard me doing something at the kitchen so he came up and watched me that then changed my heart. Though the mangoes are sour but my hubbys gesture change me it became so sweet. I think it was my first time to make a mango float because hubby has a lot of question about this dessert and I also let him help me arranged the graham cracker and everything. This morning I took a little piece and taste it, it is sweet and it was good though. I kept it chilled the whole night and this morning I transfered it to the freezer I hope the cream will get hard so it would not become too saucy when I sliced it.

We had a windy day yesterday and today according to the weather forecast we've got a sunny day (i hope so). Hubby agreed to me (at last) that we are going to plant my climbing america roses today, jeez they are sprouting like crazy they are ready to explode (I told my hubby hehehe), or because I talked to them every morning how pretty they are and how excited I am to see the first flower. Still crossing my fingers I just hope today will be the day. 

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mas masarap talaga ang mangga dito sa pinas..
Beng said…
manang kim,pag maasim ang mangga, masarap yan mango tart:)
Manang Kim said…
hi belle, yes even my husband mango is his favorite and lanzones too.
Manang Kim said…
hi beng, ganun ba? hinde ako marunong mag mango tart share mo nga sa amin ang recipe mo hehe.
Dhemz said…
hahhaha...namuot ko ug ayo sa imong mga mensahes te....hehhehe!

salamat tuod sa quick reply intawon pastilan as in...miss na jud nako ang biko ug binignit...hhehe..dire wala man ko katilaw...hehhee...:)

mao ba te...pila naman diay ang bayad sa citizenship te? woi good luck dayon sure yakang yaka na nimo woi..dugay na jud ka dre sa US....hehhe..basin ma perfect nimo ang questions te ha...libre dayon...hehehe!

woi maayo kay kamo jud duha ni banana mo ang nag gamit ug DXN te...ako sad lamian sad ko sa kapi nila...hehhe..makagawas jud ang lain nga hangin...hehhehe:) otot...joke!

tapos ako kung mag take ko ug RG/GL te kay maayo jud ako paminaw bisan kulang ko sa tulog...nya spirulina sad dayon...tapos akong menstruation every month na...hehehe!

woi parehas diay mo ug month...ay sus ok ra sad diay nga mag dungan ang celebration plus ang celeb sad dayon sa imong citizenship...hehhehe...:)

hala sige te...till next time..good luck ha!
Clarissa said…
buti na lang wala akong cp-no cost cutting!yehey!pero malakas naman ang gamit sa pc!huhuhu!ganun din!(T_T)
Manang Kim said…
Hi Dhemz, mao lagi maski kinsa man gyud mo gamit ug dxn REISHI naa man gyud epekto sa akong bana ang iyang prostate na ayo gyud, wala man gani ni siya tambal nga gipang take gawas sa blood pressure. Ug mag binignit pod ko dire ako ra pod mapura ug kaon oi dayon medyo naa gyud kulang ba lahi ra gyud sa ato kay naay landang ug nangka hehe. Daoi gigutom naman hinoon ko dhemz.
Grabe gyud celebration gahapon kay bday na us citizenship pass pa wala ko gadahom ma dungan ang two pero perte namo ka snow dire maong wala ka laag2x mi ani. Thanks for dropping by! God bless!

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