Wow it is Friday again where does all the days go? It seems that everything now a days just go by so fast sometimes we had a hard time grasping what is happening. 
My week was a bit busy I should say. As I looked back I only stayed at home for the whole day last Wednesday to do my household chore which is doing the laundry. Monday, hubby and me went to the bank after that we went to his nephews insurance company office to pay a whole year of insurance payment. Then we went to  Sams to shopped more carrots for our juicing and some stuff. Then we went to Sav plus to buy tilapia fish and again some stuff. Arrived home almost completely dark I was exhausted. Then Tuesday, we went for a family brunch at a nearby resto at 11 am. Hubby was excited and happy to see all his grown up children  specially those who live a little bit far from us arrived to have brunch with us. We stayed at the resto for almost 3 hours hehe. Wednesday was my time to do the laundry I thought we gonna get some woods but it is kind of chilly hubby decided not to go and it's fine with me. Tuesday after lunch we went to our tax accountant to gave the signed form that they send us. The good news is we are going to have a tax refund wohoooo!! After in the tax office we went to a gun shopped and looked around I saw this PINK beretta gun my heart melts it is just so pretty. I remembert this words "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY" because that is how I felt when I saw that pretty pink gun. Just for my eyes I don't have a license to carry nor own one wahhhh!! After window shopping in that store hubby and me went to visit my sister in law and had dinner. Then we went to a car shop to pick up her car from there we went home. The weather yesterday was not cold not too chilly so hubby decided to get busy with splitting woods of course I am with him assisting specially operating the splitter which is my favorite thing to do hehe. So it is Friday today, the weather report says it's going to be warm. I don't know if I will stay outside or chill out with my favorite LMN channel which I am kind of addicted  already. 


Lynn said…
hello manang kim!

wow, can't wait to see your friend's pic. you may send it through my email...

thanks a lot! TGIF! take care! :)
Umma said…
Manang Kim.. grabe man sad ang whole week itinerary ninyo ha? super busy man jud ang mga beauty ninyo laag. hahahah..ka-on wala ug tuo jud. hahaha.. kalami sang life mo diha madam hahaha....

Sa amo, pag Saturday ra puede laag kay naa man trabaho si banana pag weekdays.. Pag ako ra,, tapulan man jud mo drive sa gawas.. tapos, I dont want to go outside bec before, everytime I went outside... sus, I spent a lot man jud.. so di na ko magawas hahahah
Manang Kim said…
Hi Lynn,

Check out your email na-send ko na today.
Manang Kim said…
Hi mommy umz,

Oo nga this week parang ang dami naming nilakad siguro kasi first week of the month. Ug dako ang family nang husbandry kadaghan sa mga kainan moment, daghan bisitahan pod okey lang ug walay snow pero ug mag snow di gyud ko mouban hehe. Hehe mao diay di naka mogawas ug ikaw ra. Happy weekend!

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