Friday, February 20, 2009

My niece birthday today..

~~~I love my nieces and nephew they are my babies. Last year I was in Pinas we were in the mall when I stumbled my classmate way back high school. She was a teacher in a public school in our hometown and we are kind of buddies in high school. So when she saw me that karay2x ko apat na kabataan she has this big grin and in a high tone called my name "mary kimmmmmmmm". Then, kumustahan to the max kahit people around couldn't passed by kasi nakaharang na kami sa daan. She was just bubbling and telling me ang laki na nang mga anak ko at pinabe-bless pa lahat hehehe. I saw at the corner of my eye that everytime she said "anak" to any of my nieces and nephew they looked at me kind of happy and ecstatic because I just agree and didn't bother to tell her "no they are my pamangkins" they were kind of surprised I didn't dare to correct her. So after all the kumustahan and exchanging cellphone numbers we bid goodbyes. Then, I invited my pamangkins to ate in Chowking and they all agreed without further ado hehe. After ordering the stuff we like we all seated and waited for the food to be serve. Then I opened up what happened a minutes ago. I told them I saw their faces lighted up everytime my friend called them my anak and I didn't corrected her. I told them because that is what they are to me, they may not be my biological anak but they are given to me by God and they come from my heart. Oh men they were giggling and just so happy I feel they are so proud of themselves God can gave babies from the heart hehe, happy faces I have seen the whole time we are at the mall and I knew that my words will instill in their minds forever and that simple talk we had. And today is Mary Grace 7th birthday! I am so happy she will be in grade one this coming June. My prayers to all my nieces and nephew is to have a good health, protected from any harm, danger and evil minds. And that so I pray everytime of the day.

Very good gitun-an na ug panghugas ug plato!

Nagpa-cute with matching payong.Practice ug karate hehe.

~~~~ I got an email from my oldest niece few minutes ago with pictures of Mary Grace 7th birthday party at school. Jollibee was there I guess they had fun.

~~~~ Last Wednesday, hubby and me went to St. Joseph Hospital to visit my sister in law. She was rushed to the hospital the night before because her blood pressure was too high and she felt a tingling feeling on her fingers. When we got there we found out that she was still in the emergencry room, we arrived in her room while she was talking to her doctor. Her doctors told her that she would undergo some test and she don't like it specially the CT-scan since she felt she became claustrophobic hehe. We told her to just pray it is only a test. We stayed at the hospital until 6:00 pm and went home.

~~~~ Yesterday, after lunch, household chores and updating my blog (thanks to taggging) we went to Lapeer to visit my husbands uncle. He is kind of weak and he is pushing 90 years old. While we were at his house he talked to my hubby and I talked to his wife Aunt Mary. We stayed their for almost 6 hours. So when we got home I was too sleepy I slept immediately.

~~~~ But today after my updating here I had to continue my labadami labango moment. Will be back and visit my friends online. Happy Friday to all!!

My Pinakbet was here.


Anonymous said...

wow TKim...galing naman ng niece mo...karatesta man diay sab...hehhehe....I stopped mine...kay kapoy kaayo ko...hehhehe! at least balo lang ko sa mga banana permi ma practisan...hehhehe!

Salamat sa imo comments te...labay ko dire....happy Birthday tuod sa imo pamangkin...:)

Yuod te...dugay naka dre sa US?

Mommy Liz said...

Your nieces and nephews are so blessed to have an aunt like you who love them as if they are her own. My aunt does the same with me, she's my mom's sister who lives in Chicago. I consider her as my second mother.

I hope that your sister in law is alright. and your hubby's uncle, get well soon.

Thanks for coming to my blog all the time, I do appreciate it..Mwah..

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hope your sis n law ge6t well soon ate... i miss my pamangkins too, can't wait till we get there in three weeks... am excited for my kids too to meet their cousins there..

visited your kitchen too hehehe nagutom ako..

Kim, USA said...

hi dhemz, lagi nagtoon-toon pod tawon maski ug perte na ka tikling. haha mag-ayo ang bana ug makaratehan perte bitaw na ka kapoy oi light exercise nalang ka. mag 5 years nako this year. thanks sa greetings.

Kim, USA said...

~~hi mommy liz, indeed they are so blessed. buti ka pa may ganyan kang auntie ako wala. my sister in law and my hubbys uncle are doing fine now. i guess they just have to take it easy and not to stress too much.

Kim, USA said...

~~mommy rose, nakakamissed na nga sila lang naman ang uuwian ko sa pinas eh wala na akong parents eh. malapit ka na palang umuwi hay sarap sa pinas.

Anonymous said...

awwww, what a nice story Kim about your feelings towards your neices and nephew. that is really sweet...what a fun age 7 is! I like her pictures w/Jollibee and her karate doing the splits. Too cute, I can see why the bring you joy..also, i hope your sis in lawa is OK now...

Wengss said...

I adore children that have lots of interest. labi na sa paghugas og plato hehe. Good girl siya hehe
galing naman ng pamangkin mo, magaling na karatista yan pag laki hehe

Kim, USA said...

Hi weng, bitaw oi tun-an na gyud kay sus babaye ra ba. If you remember our old folks telling us that we girls should know household chores para daw dili manimaho atong kaugalingon hehe grabe pod to ka talinghaga ang mga katigulangan sa una.

Clarissa said...

I hope your sis in law is ok by now and to your husbands uncle,too.
Ang cute naman ng mga pamangkin mo--mabait na,karatista pa!Matagal na rin akong di nakakita ng Jollibee!Nakaka-miss tuloy!

Kim, USA said...

hi clare, my SIL is at home now and my UIL is doing fine but he seems like weak. My brother is trying to teach her work with her assignments in the house. Good thing she likes washing dishes. It is my prayer that they will all turn out to be a good person inside and out. Me too I missed jollibee like their chicken but I like more chowking hehe.


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