It is sunny today!!

Yesterday was Friday, the first Friday of the Lenten season. And since it is Friday I choose to abstained from opening my laptop. That is a lot of sacrificed huh!! A computer addict like me I thought I can't do it but I did. 

Last night at 7pm we went to church and attended the Station of the Cross. I was kind of surprised because not too many people were there. I don't know if it is because of the weather since last night was cold and windy or is it because people are not into other activites in the church except attending the mass every Sunday. Way back in the Philippines when it is Lent it also mean summer is here.  Every Friday the whole family will go to the church and do pray the Station of the Cross. I remember I saw many of my classmates and neighbors were there doing the same thing as we do with their families too. That time I found it very cool and interesting and not boring. I think our way in observing the Lent is a little different than here.  Anyway, there  are more Fridays to come and observe about how the people here observe their lenten season will keep updated.


Mom of Four said…
Well, maybe some people were tired from work, you know how unless you work for the government, there is really no definite day off. Maybe next Friday would be better.

Have fun..
Manang Kim said…
I guess, and also it is still too cold here. Though we don't have snow on the ground but the temp is still below 20F. Will see this Friday since the weather report says our temp will go above 55F yehey!

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