It's a New Year...

The first sunrise of 2009

So here we are starting to spend our time and days with the New Year. The night before New Year hubby and me were watching movies and when it was almost 12 midnight we hopped in bed and just watched Fox news live in New York. Hubby dozed to sleep immediately while I stayed a little bit trying to find a good channel other than then news. Finally, I slept and waked the next day feeling sleepy though. I immediately told hubby that we have to go to church to attend the mass at 10:00 am. What can we do for the first day in the year but to attend mass right? So we were at the church a little bit early but it was worth the time, I am so happy that we started the day and year at mass can't beat that.

After mass, we immediately went at Lanie and Johns house for a new year dinner with us is rowena and her husband henry and the little girl Ashley. We stayed there for at least 5 hours chatting, catching up things since I haven't been to so many parties for the past few months since Doreen got sick and died. So, so many things to catched up though. From Lanies we stopped by at my step-sons house and stayed for awhile chit-chatting with his son.

Last, January 1 too is my niece 19th year birthday. Hayyyy parang kailan lang, we were at the waiting room at the hospital, and her mother was laboring, tears rolled down her cheeks, I could see the face of my sisters face I also cried lol. When she came out and the nurse showed her to us I was just so happy, I said to myself here is my first niece, I am going to love her and spoiled her. Though I didn't spoiled her that much but I do loved her so much like my very own.

My prayer is that this year will be a very good year inspite of the economic crises we are experiencing now. As hubby always said " I haven't seen like this economic crunch like this one" but we have to trust in God and put ourselves in Gods economy. Happy New Year to all and thank you for the wonderful time of 2008.


Anonymous said…
ate kim. it was nice having you and loren yesterday for dinner. at least we are catching up and talk a lot of things, from very personal and of course about life. I appreciate it the time, i hope loren enjoyed our ka banha-an? :D ^_^ Thanks you! Thank you! Ayaw kalimot sa next small gathering early next month! ^_^... lanie
Manang Kim said…
Hello lan, I enjoyed our dinner too. Won't forget your birthday party but you have to remind what is the exact date for the party. God bless!!
Anonymous said…
Ate KIm ang tag board nimo wala mag work? Di man ko kita sa name or asa mag type sa message? Eheheh!I-update ka nako sa date sa Bday.

Ako ng gitangtang ang akung Xmas decors karon, pero wala pa human. Akung gi una ang sa stairs. ugma or sunod adlaw ang uban. :D Thanks!..Lanie

PS: Back to school na ugma. Kaya back to my hictic mornings. ~_^

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