1st Sunday of 2009

This was the picture that was taken at John and Lanies New Year dinner.

Dianne and Barry gave us this box full of different cuts of beef as a Christmas gift. Suddenly our 5.5 cu ft freezer overflowed with beef. Hubby and me are not beef eater though but we are so thankful of the kindness.
So it is Sunday today, and the church celebrated the Epiphany of the Lord. I also remember it is my cousins and my uncles birthday. And I also remember it is about time to take down all the Christmas decorations and ornaments. We were talking about not putting it down yet but it is kind of weird too if we still have a christmas tree on valentines day lol. Happy Three Kings!!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting the picture! ^_^ Kaingon nako ang comment nako gahapon naa ani na post. :D But anyway, nag online ko, bali ka tugnaw walay gani mo laag. Will be out early evening though maghatod ug kuha ni Triz. :D... Lanie
Manang Kim said…
Very much welcome! SEe you tomorrow.

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