My musings for the week....

October 21-22...we had four viewing schedule at Coats funeral home here in Ortonville. I thought my MIL when she died 4 years ago was the biggest I have ever seen, I was wrong Doreens wake for 2 days and four times at that, people came and offer their prayers and condolences to the family were too many I haven't knew nor meet before.

October 23........ it was Doreens burial day. We went to the church about 12:30 since the church service will start at 1:00pm. Their was a traffic outside the church it has to be manned by somebody from the funeral home because their was just too many cars trying to parked and find where to parked. Since DH is the father of Doreen we have the priveleged to parked behind Pauls van Doreens husband. The service was so touching the Pastor was the first cousin of Doreen and so he reminisced how in their growing years they play together here in the farm and later how he guided Doreens past remaining years in her faith. Loren told me later about how he saw many tears shed in a funeral service and I told my DH that, that how people missed his daughter because she is just a very giving and loving person. After the service everybody went to the cemetery just right here in our town and oh men I haven't saw a funeral procession that long and how many people came it was overwhelming. She is indeed our sunshine girl!

October 24.... the day after Doreens burial me and DH slept longer than we thought. That day was kind of dreary plus the weather is rainy and dark after a sunny day. But then it was DH's uncles 89 birthday so we went to Lapeer to celebrate his birthday. Uncle willard is in his 89 years old. Keep it coming man! hehe!

October 25.... same thing the day was dreary and it was raining. But we have to attend the 1st birthday of DH great grandkid Jessie. Stayed their for awhile then went home.
.... that day also is my Mamas 9th year death anniversary. Thankfully my family back home offered two massess for her soul and that makes me at peace too. Nobody was able to visit her grave site but I am pretty sure that my Uncle (her brother) and my aunt came to visit and lighted candles. Aside from my daily rosary of course I love to offer mass to her specially that she is the one who taught me that a mass offered to a soul is what the soul needed. What else does a soul need it is only prayer and nothing more right?

October 26..... we were not able to attend mass why? because I slept too much I woke up 10:24 and the mass will start at 10:30 no way I could make it there even if I had to be like wonder woman. Same thing the weather is raining and kind of chilly already, I asked Loren that we are going to buy and visit Porters Farm for my favorite apple cider. We bought 3 gallons of apple cider and after visiting Porters farm we visited my step-sons gf's house and we ate dinner together with her two kids. After dinner we played a game called apple to apple, it is a fun game though hubby played with us but I bet them all hehe.

The old apple presser to make apple cider. Tasting their apple cider through this faucet.


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