Autumn is here....

Yes autumn is definitely here. It's the time when we have to fire up our firewood stove/fireplace, and this will keep us warm in Autumn and Winter, aside from that we save a lot of money by not buying the propane gas isn't it nice? hehe. But we still have to pay a rent for the propane gas tank to stay with us year after year, it suck! We only knew last year that we have to pay a rent of $65/year when one time the H.....propane gas company came and tried to fill the gas tank. DH told the delivering man that we don't need it for now because we are using the firewood stove, the man said I don't blame you it is getting expensive now a days for a propane. So off he goes the next thing we knew a letter from the company telling us that if we need to keep the gas tank we have to pay $65 or they will take it sucker! Anyhow, DH decided to pay not because the gas tank is still full from last year but because just making it not to pay again if in case we need a propane gas again.

This season makes me also wonder how the leaves turn there colors so fast! With the rain and the swift breeze now and then the leaves fell so fast it covers the ground in different colors and leave us work our butt to clear it up before the first snow came. But then I am also very thankful that this is my 5 year to experience Autumn and Winter. For now I am looking forward not the Halloween or Thanksgiving but Christmas. Makes me feel like a child excited to some sort hehe.


Stev&Emz said…
very interesting talaga how the leaves change color.. the earth looks like on fire pag early morning or sunset. marami kayong kahoy sis? kami propane gamit.. naku po 800$ 2months. pero we got woods saving it for the winter kasi kunti lang
Manang Kim said…
hi emz, yes we have plenty of woods ready to be cut into pieces. yes your right it is getting expensive every year for propane gas, our gas tank will hold at least $500 and it wont either make us very warm specially on heavy snow fall. for now savings is more we have to do hehehe.

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