Frost up

It's not a snow it's a frost! Yup, we are experiencing frost almost every morning now. This morning our temperature is 31C it it is kind of chilly outside like it bite you, but because we have the good old firewood stove we are warm inside. At around 10 am we took my brother in law and his wife to the airport. Coming home small tidbits of hale fell down. I took some pictures but it was kind of blurry. Thinking that hale is falling down so early it seems to me that we have a longggg cold season (cross my finger). Oh by the way, when you live here in MI you experience a swift change of weather or temperature in just an hour. Because after that tidbits of hale it was so sunny when we get home but still the air is chilly.


Stev&Emz said…
we got hail in the middle of summer! lol. as in makikita mo talaga parang mga bato. sakit kaya nyan ano pag tinamaan ka sa ulo?
lamig na nga.. yesterday was a very nice day 70 F but last 2 weeks was bad kasi malamig na.. windy pa! i hate the wind it cracks my lips and dry my face. =) sana ganun nalang i mean 70F.
Manang Kim said…
hi emz, we have hail last year and this year it started to have one but it is too tiny. i hope it will remain like tiny since i don't like to see those hail as big as tennis ball scary na yan hehe.

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