Niagara Falls, Canada getaway Part 2 (more walking)

Niagara Falls, Canada getaway Part 2 (more walking)

The second day, hubby and I woke up around 9am. We fixed ourselves and had a continental breakfast at the breakfast area in the hotel. After our breakfast we started to walked towards the Skylon tower, we went inside the building and reserved for our dinner buffet. Since the dinner buffet will start at 5:30pm we went to Imax theatre bought the ticket for 11am show. The show was about the myths, legends and daredevils of Niagara Falls. After the show we exited to a door that leads to the different craft that people used to undergo their adventure in going down Niagara Falls.
After checking all those craft we went shopping at National Geographic store hubby bought me a Canadian jade which is very simple and cute love it! Then we proceeded to walked towards the falls , in Niagara Falls there are two falls, the one is big with a horseshoe form while the other is not with another little falls at the side. Anyway, in getting to the falls we passed a rose garden, then we went to a restaurant that was overlooking the falls. We bought sandwiches for our little lunch and walked around again. I noticed from our walking that this falls are the most photographed falls ever! I think almost all the people are so eager and excited to get a picture of this falls either as their background or just the falls itself. We were setting at the bench and watched the people goes by, we talked and hugged of course and steal some kissess hehe. It was getting hot so hubby decided to walked again towards Clifton Hills. I found out that there is a Hersheys store just close to Clifton hills area so we walked again towards that store. We checked the store and the thing that hubby caught his attention are the different colors and tastes of fudges. He bought the most colorful one and it does taste good too. For the first time he consume almost one slice of the fudge that he bought, and even if I like fudges I didn’t peg out that much hehe. After checking the Hersheys store we went inside the Secret Garden and stayed there for awhile, we took a picture at the fountain, hubby layed on the bench under the tree. We stayed there for awhile trying to cool off and rest after so much walking.
After we rested and watched more people around us we walked (again) towards the falls (again). We seated on the bench just right at the middle of the rose garden and smell the scent of different roses it was heavenly. We spend quite a time in that garden as I and hubby talked about life and the meaning of it hehe, 30 minutes before 5:30 we started to walked (again) towards the skylon tower for our dinner buffet. When we get on top of the tower oh my gush, it was spectacular it has a different view from below. We ate our dinner buffet with so much gusto, the food is overflowing and it taste really good or I should say I am just hungry at that time after so much walking huh. Anyhow, after the buffet we went up to the observation deck and amazed of its beauty. We went down from the tower and walked (again) towards our hotel. Amazingly, hubby didn’t feel any sore from his calves or feet but with me I could feel that I have sore all over me hehehe. We had a good night sleep and we woke up the next day fresh.
The third day, we went to breakfast but we packed our things already and put it inside the car. We checked out after breakfast, it was raining not a good thing to roam around the town. So we went home that day again the immigration was just a breeze. We arrived home safe and sound thanks God. The trip was fun and with hubby with me I love it!!


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