Niagara Falls, Canada getaway Part 1

~~~~We started our trip not so early though. I planned to start early so we arrived Niagara before the check in time, but hubby has his own planned too. We went to the post office to mail letters for his brother who is in SA,Texas then we proceeded to the bank to get some cash. After that we proceeded to go to Port Huron where we have to passed the bridge going to Canada. When we passed the bridge and stop for immigration hubby handed our passports and my greencard and the immigration officer told us that we are set. We stopped again to exchange the money from US $ to Canadian $ then off we go. It was a long drive and thanks to our TomTom GPS 720 we arrived safely to our hotel. We checked in and since we reserve our room online it was fast and easy. We were in our room 3:00pm hubby asked me if I would like to lay down and rest for awhile but I opted to set my laptop and check the room hehe. So hubby had a good nap I think he was exhausted after almost 5 hours of driving.~~~~After hubby had a good nap we started to check outside. The hotel is situated in Clifton Hills where almost all of the "gimik" are located. Right when we get out from the parking lot of the hotel premises is the skywheel. So we hop in and enjoy the view from above. After which, we went to see Ripleys believe it or not, Movieland, Ride the FxRide, the Ghost ride, went to check some of their shopping stores and then we had our dinner at Kelseys where we got a complimentary discount from our hotel for $25. The food was awesome we ordered 4 appetizers but oh men we were so hungry that we finished it all hehe.

We wipe off the food except some of the feta bread. I was joking at hubby about our weight that it will shoot up since we eat a lot. But it didn't stay that long, I found out that when you're here in Niagara Falls you have to walked. Walking is the primary means of transportation there hehehe. (They have busses to bring you to different places) Hubby was so thankful of me that I got him at Khols a skechers shoes on sale. He said that it was very comfortable that after all those walking for two days he never felt hurt but I did, I wore a havaianas flipflops I bought from PI and oh my, my little toe was hurting me after two days I already felt uncomfortable.
~~~~So from Kelseys, we head off to see Ripleys believe it or not, Movieland, the rides like fx ride and ghost ride, went to see some shopping stores, watched MGM 3d/4d movie, it was in movieland that I was so scared we went inside to this glass room clutching hubby and I was screaming and screaming more when we were heading to this door ( I thought) but it was a mirror and we looked around it is pitched dark and we are sorrounded by mirrors, I was reaching my other hand to feel for an opening but a statue was there I was so scared I was screaming again hubby was laughing so much that when we get out from that place I feel dizzy, talking about high blood pressure huh!! And I tell you, after all those food that we eat I feel hungry again hahaha good way to lose all those calories huh??? hehe!
~~~~ When get out from the movieland we headed to Niagara Falls, it was already dark and when we reached the place it was spectacular. You could just utter some ohhss and ahhs the cascading water is magnificent. The moon was almost full and the different lights reflected the water so beautifully that you are just so amazed by its natural wonders. It was so romantic we hugged and kissed under the moonlight mists showered from the falls.

Part 11 next...


Anonymous said…
yummy food! ^_^ Mukhang enjoy ka sa bakasyon grande ah! ^_^ Di pa ako na kapag update, na busy ang mind plus busy phisically. I hope to see you on Tuesday? ^_^

Best regards,
Kim said…
It was one of the nights, and it was so nice to see him in person though not so close but okay na. I am proud of him I think by the now as he earned in $$$ na he can buy whatever he wants.

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