My first tomato canning

This week is kind of busy I think it is because Fall season is coming and because since I lived here in the farm I had to finished somethings that farmers do char!

Anyhow, the usual everyday thing that me and hubby do is to visit his daughter since she is sick and bedridden and needing more assistance. Staying there takes a lot of time and so there are some days that I don't go in order for me to do the household chores.

Last, Friday we went to hubbies son in St. Charles to get some vegetables in his farm. We went home full of tomatoes and some veggies. We arrived home at around 11pm I was so sleepy already I felt grouchy. The next day my sister in law came to the house and teached me how to do tomato canning. I had a ball doing it. It was fun and also tiring hahaha. After making 19 1/2 jars I told my sister in law that we are going to do it the next day. I was really tired! But looking at my 19 cans of tomato made from my own hands I am so proud of it. Today or tomorrow I am going to make salsa for chilis.

Here is my first tomato canning

more tomatoes in the trunk


Anonymous said…
HI Kim,
You can make lots of meat sauce with that. I am starving for an Italian meal! Those tomatoes look awesome!
Kim said…
Hi! Yes your right will just add some herb. Can't wait to cook dishes that has tomato sauce on it and taste it. I will be happy if it turns good. I will be inspired to make another batch next year though it is a tedious work. Tnks for dropping by.
i love kamatis:) masarap iyang kainin ng hilaw na may patis and sibuyas and mainit na kanin. tsarap!by the way, got you link in my blogroll. please add me here:)
Kim said…
i haven't try kamatis with patis. but i like kamatis with sugar nako nakakagigil sa sarap hehe. i already added you thanks for the visit.

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