My Baguio, Philippines Trip

     Hello everyone!! Yes I am still alive and kicking life is too good to be left behind at this stage. Even with my ups and down my humps and mountain that I've been through I made it all the way with the help, support and love from my generous, kind and loving husband. Without him I am nothing in my quest to get back to my up beat healthy life.
      Last month, hubby and I decided to have a month long vacation to the Philippines. I have not been to the Philippines since last 2013 and it is over due now. So I decided to purchased a plane ticket online of course my first choice is Delta airlines so if I go last August 23 to PI. 
         The first Sunday I was in Baguio we went to hear mass at the Lady of Atonement. It was a good day since I arrived it rained a lot.

                                                        Wacky Pose!!


Fun60 said…
Good to hear you are back on track. Yes that is a strange pose with that background.

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