Friday, February 3, 2017

Pioneer Woman

Hello bloggers!!

So hubby and  I went to Cracker Barrel to ate breakfast. And mind you people we have  to drive at least 30 minutes, but it is worth it anyway I like their food it is like made by Grandma. After we ate, I was browsing the store and voila I found Ree Drummond Pioneer Woman recipe book. I browsed it and I loved what I see, I bought it. 

My Review: I am impressed of the quality of this recipe book. I love the red maroon like color on the cover. The inside is fantastic, I love it. I can tell a lot of brainstorming was done here and Ree is indeed a blogger. Lol. Her way of talking is like a blogger do at her blog page hahaha. I highly recommend this recipe bloggers and mind you I already cooked Italian Meat Loaf and it is fantastic!! Next time I will cook will be the potato soup!

Look at the layout...isn't that so beautiful. (I read that Ree is the one taking photos of this one and I am too a photographer.) I am a visual person and having these all in a recipe book is fantastic!! Love the colors, the page is glossy and quality wise it is sturdy. Instruction in photos? Can't beat that!!

                                             I rate this *****

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