Happy New Year 2017!!

                            HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!
Last night as hubby and I watched the NY Times Square Ball I do really feel good. These year for sure brings a lot of hope to everyone. And for me it would be a very busy year for me. This will be the year that I will simply go for the what is the best. I would be writing what I would like to accomplish this year with hubby. I have a dream and I hope this year I would start doing something to accomplish that dream. I have so many plans this year and as hubby told me...one step at a time!

And I would surely leave behind the past and looking at what I can do today. Not what is in the future for the future is bleak nor it is the past since I already learned my lesson. But what is today and what and how will I circumnavigate life everyday. And so I am ready for real!!


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