Water World Wednesday

                                                     WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                         Episode 29, Year 2

Hello everyone?? Hows your weekend? Hows your day? As for me as you all know that we here in the USA just done with our election. Boy oh boy that was tough!! LOL! I have not heard so many American's prayed in this election. Thankfully, my candidate won! And that we have a new President in the name of Donald J. Trump!!! Wohoo! These man is an iron. In one day he goes to rally for 5 or 6 times in a DAY!! All his rallies everyday oftentimes end up until 3 am in the morning and people are still waiting for him standing for hours!! And the media still feeding the people that the opponent is leading. But how could it be when in her rally there is not enough or if there is it is been carried by buses. Anyway, it is done and we have to move forward. People are not already scared to be called POLITICALLY CORRECT..what is that by the way? Because I live in common sense. People are saying MERRY CHRISTMAS like crazy here. LOL!! I could really tell USA is back!! We got this!!
Today, I choose Jim of Sydney-City and Suburbs photo. I didn't know Jim personally but since I became a blogger and venture into Photography, Jim is one that I look forward to. Seeing his photos all the time inspired me to go out there as well specially within my area.  Here is the photo.


Jim said…
Thanks for your kind words. Cheers, Jim.
Mascha said…
I cannot share your happinez about the election, but, of course, we are living so far away and cannot understand, what happens in States - - -
Kim ,USA said…
Jim, very much welcome!
Kim ,USA said…
Mascha, your right. Every country has its own problem. Trusting and hoping that many of our problems that we are facing will somehow be answered or solve. Thanks Mascha!

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