Water World Wednesday

                                              WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                  Episode 17, Year 2

Do you love summer? I love it maybe because I came from tropical country that's why this kind of heat is what I knew growing up. So this time here in my neck of woods we have everyday at least around 90F everyday. I do not complain, lol, since just a few more weeks surely we gonna feel cold again! The other day hubby and I went to the mall to walk around and we dine at Rainforest where they had huge aquarium.

                                                      I found DORY!!!! ^_^


Anonymous said…
Great aquarium, Kim. Here in Northern California it's also in the nineties, and last week it was around a 100 degrees.

Kim, I don't see the Linky for Water World. Hope you're having it today Aug.10), or are there connection problems?
Have a great week!
Linda said…
Love that first shot!
Unblocked Games said…
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