Water World Wednesday

                                               WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                   Episode 12, Year 2

I think we have a dry spell here in my neck of woods. It is my first time to see brown grasses around. Last week it only rained once at night but we like more rain. But since it is summer people are at the beach enjoying the warm and sunny weather. Today is HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I love this country!!


Now I want to see the geese go down the slide ;)
La costa del Adriático debe de ser un lugar precioso, me gustaría conocerlo.
The four geese on the water side made me laugh:) A happy belated fourth - and I love the 4th of July blessing too:):)
marja said…
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Linda said…
I have geese today too!
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