Water World Wednesday

                                                   WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                        Episode 5, Year 2

We have a freaky snow last Sunday. These weather is weird very weird I can think of something not good, like the end of the world, lol!! But as for me I take one day at a time since some days I feel better and some its a challenge. What is important is today, the past is gone the future is yet to be seen. Happy linking friends!

                                    My bleeding heart the pink and the white is blooming. My white bleeding heart is the original white bleeding heart. I was grateful when my hubby's uncle gave part of his pure white bleeding heart to me. Is the white bleeding heart common?


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Anonymous said…
Bleeding heart flowers are so stunning, white or pink!Always wondered if they would grow here, but if they can grow in the Phillipines, they sure could here in California, right - about the same climate. Thanks for hosting!
Linda said…
Yes, the weather has been strange this year. I love the bleeding hearts.
Weather is strange indeed. Your flowerpics are lovely. Thank you for hosting. Have a good week.
Liz said…
That second image is gorgeous, Kim!
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