Water World Wednesday

                                                WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                      Episode 2, Year 2

Taken last week after last Sundays, (April 10) snow storm. I so wish that would be the last hurrah for winter it was bad. And we need sun to warm up. I am excited to be outside though I cannot be outside for so long. But just the thought that it's getting warm had an affect on any one. I am excited to see my flower bed but not doing anything this year. I may buy some flowers for my new flower bed but that's it. I like for me and hubby to have fun lots of fun this coming spring and summer, and fall. For life is short and eternal is....your thought?



Yeah, I like your view in the first photo very much! So lovely and peaceful:) Have a great week.
Linda said…
Life is not only short, but the months pass more and more quickly as you get older!
aktuellabilder said…
I have noticed that the days pass more quickly the older I have become. I try not to plan about the future nor thinking to much about the past so I don´t miss that moment called now.
Anonymous said…
Pictures of the frozen lake and your dreams about spending your spring time and all your plan and opportunities are awake my sense of motivation and common possibility. Welcome to this site: http://www.proof-reading.services. Have a nice day)

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