Water World Wednesday

                                          WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                 Episode 82, Year 2

Last week was crazy, the linky is not working and then it works I don't know what happened then. I thought I made a mistake for I sometimes have a relapsed in my memory. Today's photo were taken last month while hubby and I are enjoying our trip up north. The place is kind of hidden, it is along US Hwy 22 in which it is listed to have a great fall colors. Well that time when we were there the fall colors were not yet in full bloom but still it's beautiful up there in any time of any season. I call these place a "detour" from the highway. When your an avid fan of horror movies this is a good place to have that trip hehehehe. While we were following the road I keep on telling hubby if where we gonna end and hope nobody will jump right in front of us, like horror movies do. LOL!! So he make a detour....

                                                           Found the hidden gem.

               And actually there is a trail that goes down but we choose not to go since we are not dressed up for a long walk and it was cold that day though. But found it!!

Thank you blogger friends for taking time on visiting me every week. I do appreciate it so much and your visit makes me happy. Pray for me for I am battling also an illness. Thanks and may God protect us all from all danger in this world. Happy Weekdays friends!! You all take care and stay safe!


LOLfromPasa said…
Well I must say those are gorgeous photographs. I have so enjoyed autumn this year and your photos illustrate why. Take care.
Anonymous said…
The colors are awesome!

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