Water World Wednesday

                                            WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                    Episode 77, Year 2

Hello Blogger Friends!! How is your weekend? Hubby and I went to Traverse City to see Fall Colors. Well it so happened that this year seems it is kind of late. But not late for snow I tell you we had snow last Saturday!! But that is another story to tell, it is like a freak show but not!! Anyways, so hubby and I went to Traverse City last Thursday, after checking in the hotel we immediately set our self to see the part of Sleeping Dune. I already had plan on driving along M-22 where it is known to have a scenic beauty but since it is already late in the afternoon, I told hubby we just have to drive to Empire, Michigan. Oh that place is beautiful we stumbled Empire Bluff Trail. But the photos below were from the Empire, Michigan beach, on the right and the left you can see the Sleeping Dune, and breaking news we indeed climb/walk to the top but when on top we thought it's the last no it is not we have to walk further up but cannot do it no more, stay tuned for more photos next week as we hike the trail of Empire Bluff Trail. Here are some of photos of the beach....

                                                                So here is the beach

                                       I move around to see the right side corner of the beach

                                                                      A little closer

                                                            Zooming in...........

                           This is the left side of the beach....I zoom this in...and hubby and I went to the top of that Hill, as well.

                         Michigan is a beautiful state. I have not seen all yet and were going to.
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Indrani said…
Nice views. Very well captured from different angles!
Happy WW!
Anonymous said…
This is part of Michigan I've never seen. It is beautiful! I wouldn't have expected that much elevation, either. Looks like a great place to hike. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
A beautiful softness on your images! Which texture or filter did you use?
Love the colours of Fall! so lovely.

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