This morning one thing that comes from my mind is to check my Hibiscus (Gumamela) flowers. I have been waiting for these flowers to bloom because the flowers is huge and very colorful. I know last year the bugs ate a lot of the flowers and leaves but not this time I was ready to kill all the bugs this time. So I concocted my own "pesticide", water, a little of white vinegar, a drop of dish soap, peppermint essential oil  and water, that's all! That is my pesticide and know what it did work. My Hibiscus flowers are blooming like crazy and no sight of any bugs!! After waging the wars over bugs at my Hibiscus flowers I went to my peach trees and cherry trees. Then lo and behold I saw three ripe peaches and it is huge! The other tree has so many peaches too but it is not ripening yet. Here are some of the photos this morning at the farm.

                                                         Dangerous way to get on top.

                                                                  And this tree that has plenty of peaches is a small tree and is loaded with peaches. So nice of this tree to give me fruits every year! This time I take care of my fruit trees and now they give back.


LOLfromPasa said…
I could just go for one of those now. Super shots.
I will be a frequent visitor for a long.

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