Water World Wednesday

                                            WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                    Episode 47, Year 2

Four days now that we have rained so much in I so love because just immediately the rain came all the trees become green and the grasses are green which has a yellow on it because of the dandelion. I ask my hubby not to mowed it yet because the ground filled with yellow then green is just so pretty. Well after a long gray and dark winter blues any popped up of color outside is highly appreciated. Spring is definitely here...

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Mascha said…
Oh yeah, rain can be a blessing (we had today finally a little...)
Your photo is famous.
Have a nice springtime
Yes, delicious drops on the leaves, I like a lot, nice picture!
Sorry, there has been a mistake to put the link!
LV said…
Rain is definitely a blessings, but in Texas it is over doing it. We have had nothing bur rain for days and awful storms.
Betsy said…
Fine picture. We are doing pretty well here, so far.
I am sure there will be next month with some very dry spells.
Gerald (SK14) said…
nicely captured raindrops
DougPhoto2009 said…
Raindrops bring life to the photo. Thanks for sharing.
Nick V. said…
Lovely, Kim! You could join the Friday Greens meme with such a lovely green image:
Jutta.K said…
I love Waterdrops in plants
Good shot
The water really sparkles here:)
Very interesting work, I like the shapes of leaves with drops!

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