Water World Wednesday

                                            WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                     Episode 39, Year 2

I am excited this week our weather temperature is up. I look outside today and I see snow some snows are gone. I cannot wait to take a long walk in the woods looking for some life ready to show p for spring and summer. So many beautiful photos if I could only pick all. Today, hubby pick PIPPA ROYAL check her blog and thanks  for linking.

Now, you all wonder I would like the snow to be gone? Because of that picture above I want to see colors and life sticking out to get the glimpse of the mighty sun king!! I know Spring is just right in the corner waiting for the right time to come. Love, love, love!!


Minoru Saito said…
Hi! Nice capture. Thanks for sharing.
Mystery Case said…
Urgh not sure what happened but received an error message half way through and now it looks like I've linked twice. Please delete one for me.

Jutta.K said…
A very interesting photo!
The colors make me think , it looks like meat , the large rock in the middle ;-))
♥ly Greetings from Germany
and thanks for sharing.
Nick V. said…
Thanks for hosting, Kim
Kim ,USA said…
Minoro Saito. very much welcome!

Thank you for joining Water World Wednesday

Definitely a wonderful composition, beautiful colors! Good photo!

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