Water World Wednesday

                                           WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                  Episode 37, Year 2

Oh well since it is the last week of the heart month February I decided to pick two photos. I am very thankful that you all my blogger friends are here every week showcasing your water photos. We are experiencing Siberian cold or Arctic ..... (forgot what it was lol) but I remember in the Philippines when it is February we experienced coldness there too. That's when I heard Siberian wind as explained by the elders when I was growing up because that was the only time we wore jackets!! Mind you people in the Philippines it is always 95F up and for the temp to go down to 70F is already cold to them hehe. Anyways, here are the photos hubby picked once again thank you all for coming!!! Be safe!!

                                                       Landscapes of Mazovia


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