The other day we had this beautiful sunset I know because in Fall and Winter I always keep track on sunset since this is the season to see beautiful and fantastic sunset. Lucky me our backyard is facing the west and the trees are a little farther from our house. In between our house and the tree line is a field so I had an edge where to get a good angle to a beautiful sunset.

  See when you like to catch a beautiful sunset the colors change in a second so watch out. But sometimes when I see a beautiful sunset I take photos for a little bit then sit down and enjoy the moment. In awe of the beauty nature can bring and it is free!!!!

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Magdala said…
Lovely sunset. I like sunrises and sunsets in November. Greetings from Poland :-)
Judy said…
I love watching the sky change during the sunrise or sunset!!
NatureFootstep said…
gorgous sunset. Must have been a great moment.
Christian Weiß said…
Stunning colors and beautiful photos.
Meoww said…
Colors. Great shot~
Wow, incredible colors in the sky!
beautiful skies, I have stopped doing Friday skies.
Those are gorgeous sunsets. I love the beauty of the sky in October and November.
Jim said…
These are wonderful colours.
Lea said…
Have a happy day!
Indrani said…
Yes a stunning scene. I too would love to sit down and absorb the moment. :)
Alexander said…
Awesome photos and beautiful sunset photos.

Have a good weekend.

Alex's World! -
DrillerAA09 said…
Sunrise and sunset are my favorite times of the day to photograph the skies around me. Nicely done. Have a blessed Skywatch Friday.
The sun is so far in the southwest. It even hard to figure out when it actual went down.
But it pretty cool to see the sun reflect though the larch (tree) stand.

Coffee is on
Thank you for sharing these beautiful images. Have a great week-end.
JM, Illinois
this is beautiful Kim

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